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Carbon Farming Program

Every farm is unique. That's why every ActivAcre project is too.

The Offer

Flexibility is fundamental to our success. Yours too.
ActivAcre is a project working with Tasmanian farmers and landowners to plant private forests on unused portions of their land.

Projects like this are often called ‘carbon farming’ or ‘regenerative farming’. You might ask why? Not only are there environmental and sustainability benefits, there are also monetary ones.

No-one knows your land better than you do. That’s why we collaborate closely from day one, creating a specific private forest agreement to ensure our partnership with you is able to achieve it’s maximum potential.

Every project is unique, but there are two general styles of agreement.
Style 1
Set and Forget
A simple agreement that pays you a pre-agreed annual rental payment for up to 30 years thereafter.
Style 2
Farm Flexibility
An agreement that offers a range of on-farm options like roading, fencing, environmental or shelter plantings as well as a share of stumpage when the trees are harvested.
Benefits common to all projects.
Additional Income Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Provides additional income
Utilise lower-value land in conjunction with your current farming practices. Flexible payment terms and a share of stumpage are available. The ActivAcre Program guarantees risk is absorbed by New Forests, with an individualised, site-specific management approach.
Reduce Environmental Impact Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Reduces environmental impact
Trees on farms can have a positive effect on the reduction of salinity, water-logging, wind and water erosion. Trees can help reduce erosion by slowing wind and water flows, providing protection from wind and water, holding soil together and increasing filtration.
Create Additional Shelter Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Creates shelter
Boost primary farming business through increased yielding, stock health and birthing rates. Shelter belts and woodlots can improve pasture production by up to 15% thanks to substantial reductions in wind speed and evaporation, regardless of the season.
Improve Soil Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Improves soil
Lower soil water evaporation and transpiration behind shelterbelts and woodlots can lead to increased crop yields. Increasing organic carbon (matter) on farms means improved natural fertility and increased ability to retain water.
Improve Water Efficiencies Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Increases water efficiencies
Strategically planted trees alongside other crops can provide a buffer from evaporation, which improves water efficiency. The potential water evaporation reduction in the Tasmanian Midlands over one year for a 25-hectare paddock was 20-35ml. When planted around streams, trees also improve water quality.
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The ActivAcre Process

This is future-focused land management.
People standing next to car | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
01.Initial enquiry + land assessment
Once an initial enquiry is made, we will arrange a time to meet and visit your site to assess and map your land, working with you to determine plantable areas. Each assessment is heavily site-specific and individualised.
Pointing to farming land on computer screen | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
02.Offer prepared
Based on our site visit and land assessments we will prepare a Non Binding Indicative Offer (NBIO) based on a large range of factors including rainfall, existing land use, productivity, distance to markets, and area size. Our technical team also undertakes a Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) for your site, telling us how much carbon your plantation will absorb.
Two people at table with paperwork | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
03. Agreement reached
Once you have received your NBIO and wish to proceed, we will work with you to establish a plan you’re happy with. This agreement will then be sent to our legal team to be drawn up into a Forestry Right Deed for both parties to sign.
Two people walking next to water | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
04.Due diligence
Whilst working through your agreement we also conduct a due diligence process to confirm that we are legally able to plant trees on your property. This will include preparing a Forest Practices Plan and commencing the Private Timber Reserve process.
Tasmanian Farm Paddock | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
05. Site establishment begins
Once all diligence is completed, site establishment begins. This includes cultivation, pre-plant spraying and game control.
Hand on small tree seedling | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
06. Tress planted
Planting commences, as do the benefits of trees on your farm.
Person looking through binoculars | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
07. Ongoing monitoring
Once the trees are in the ground and growing happily, our ongoing monitoring commences to ensure they stay healthy. This includes checking for pests, wildfire management and protection. We’ll give you regular updates and we’re only a phone call away if you need advice.
Tree Forest Plantation | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
08. Thinning the crop
Depending on the tree species that we select for your site, they can be thinned once or twice through their growing phase. We’ll talk to you before this happens and work around your farming activities to minimise interruptions.
Tree Forest Plantation Being Logged | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
09. Harvest
At the end of your plantation rotation it’s time for clearfall planning to commence and harvesting to begin. After harvest we will conduct final environmental assessments. You can then decide if you want to reap the benefits of ActivAcre again on your site, or we will officially hand it back to you.
Benefits Background

The Benefits

Working effectively for all involved.
Works for you.
Regular, reliable income with flexible payment structures
No upfront or ongoing fees
We manage the plantation from establishment to harvest
No risk - the fire liability sits with us
Works for us.
Carbon sequestering a win for climate and future generations
Timber and fibre assets to supply our domestic construction industry
Supports our local farming economy
Creates a new plantation asset in Tasmania
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Program Area

Tasmania has been selected for the initial rollout of the ActivAcre program. A mixture of land classes, suitable rainfall and distance to existing markets makes it the perfect environment for tree plantations. If you are outside of the designated area (shown in orange) but would like to participate in the program, please contact SFM to discuss the options. The minimum plantation land requirement is 20 hectares. Border Inset
Map of Tasmania | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania Map of Northern Tasmania | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania

The Return

How we calculate lease payments.
Many factors determine the lease payment amount. These are a few of the most common variables.
Some of these include:
Size / Access graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Size / Access
Rainfall Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Management History Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Management History
Location Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania
Terrain Graphic | Carbon Farming | ActivAcre Tasmania


We've put together a list of answers to common questions.
But every project is unique - so please get in touch to discuss specifics about your farm.
  • A.ActivAcre combines carbon forestry with traditional forestry in a farm setting to provide landowners with long-term, risk-free income derived from market-leading lease rates. Our supportive, collaborative approach provides farm-specific advice and range of options.
  • A.Each lease rate is tailored to the specific property and reflect terrain, location, site productivity and operational components such as the need to road or fence the plantation. Your ActivAcre specialist will work with you to establish your farm’s requirements and rate.
  • A.It is the product of two years’ research and meticulous planning undertaken by the industry leader and global fund manager, New Forests. The ActivAcre program is deployed by local forestry experts, SFM.
  • A.All ActivAcre projects contribute to the fight against climate change. Carbon is one of the components used to determine the lease rate and although the carbon price can be volatile, we fix our rate to remove risk from the landowner. This allows us to offer market-leading lease rates while the trees on your farm contribute to the fight against climate change.
  • A.Call your SFM on 03 6333 4024 for a no-obligation discussion. Our team can travel out to meet with you on your property and talk through your options.
  • A.All fire risk sits with the ActivAcre program. An SFM representative will discuss a range of strategies for protecting your project. These include fire management, pest and weed control and scheduled visits by qualified foresters to ensure your project is safeguarded.
  • A.There are some restrictions early on to protect the health of the young trees. This risk greatly reduces as the plantation matures and qualified foresters will always be on hand to discuss the options.
  • A.All new plantations increase the amount of carbon that is captured from the atmosphere. When harvested, the trees are milled into a variety of products to be utilised by Australians, ensuring that carbon stays locked in for many years after the end of your plantation project.
  • A.Eucalyptus globulus and nitens, and Pinus radiata are all recognised species by the Emission Reduction Fund. Ultimately, the species will be dictated by the property characteristics such as rainfall, soils and slope.
  • A.SFM’s experienced team will take care of all administration and compliance requirements.
  • A.As the landowner, you will be provided with documentation that includes Forestry Right Deeds, Forest Practices Plans and Private Timber Reserve applications. If it's relevant to you as a landowner, your SFM team member will ensure you have all the documentation you need.
  • A.The lease term will reflect the rotation length of the species that best suits your property. SFM representatives will be able to discuss this with you once the project requirements have been thoroughly assessed.
  • A.ActivAcre is managed by SFM who is accredited under both FSC and Responsible Wood (PEFC). To retain certification, SFM is subject to independent audits on a regular basis. Internally, SFM employs Forest Practices Officers to assess your property and manage and oversee the forestry operations over the life of the project.

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