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Are you interested in leasing land on your property to grow trees? We do all the work, there are no upfront or ongoing fees, we manage fire risk and pay you a competitive lease fee.

A minimum of approximately 20 hectares (50 acres) is required, but a larger area is preferred. SFM will work with you to provide a personalised solution for your property.

We do not clear native forest, rather we aim to enhance the existing natural values of your property through the establishment of plantations designed to fit into your landscape and farming operations.

We will arrange all of the legal documents including a Forestry Right, Forest Practices Plan and a Private Timber Reserve for your property, leaving you to focus your efforts on your core farming operations.

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Team Members
Andrew Morgan
Managing Director
David Wise
Executive Director
Jason Bolch
Acquisitions Manager
Alex Tabor
Land Assessment Manager
Bronnie Grieve
Technical Services Manager
Jiawen Chang
Carbon Analyst
Jo Quigley
Executive Assistant
Tammy Price
Business Manager
Leanne Chappell
Sustainability & Compliance